Terms and Conditions


Vehicle must be dropped off to Boston Graphics at 120 Lumber Lane, Unit #3, Tewksbury, MA by appointment only at the scheduled date and time. Late dropoff or pickup will incur a fee.


Vehicle must be delivered toBoston Graphics clean and free of snow or ice. BG will spot wash installation areas free of charge. If a full body wash is required, a fee will be charged. Removal of existing graphics is an additional charge. Existing damage may make installation difficult or impossible in affected areas. BG cannot guarantee such installations will match the proof.


Especially cold weather may require that Boston Graphics hold the vehicle an additional day to ensure proper adhesive bonding of graphics to the vehicle. BG will notify you 24 to 48 hours in advance, and reschedule if necessary.


Snow storms, hurricanes and other especially bad weather may force Boston Graphics to postpone your installation. BG will notify you 24 to 48 hours in advance to reschedule.


Due to differences in equipment, inks, substrates etc., an exact color match may be impossible. BG will print a reasonable approximation. If you require color matching, there will be an additional charge, but we cannot guarantee all color matches. Color matching is not available on Rush orders.


Contours of the vehicle may create unexpected difficulty with installation. Boston Graphics cannot guarantee installation will match the proof exactly, and will install within a reasonable approximation. If significant design changes are necessary to accomodate the vehicle’s shape, BG will seek customer approval before making the changes.


Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled installation will incur a fee, and you will be
charged for the unused graphic materials.


A 50% deposit is required after approval of the design proof, and before graphic materials are ordered. The remainder is required before the vehicle will be released.


Boston Graphics warranties materials against defects for one year after installation. No warranty is offered against damage.


You agree that Boston Graphics may drive the vehicle as needed for storage and positioning, and to a car wash if needed. BG accepts no liability for vehicle damage except in case of negligence or malice by BG.